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This piece was made with my own recycled scrap metal. Can you believe how well heat and some know how can take a perfectly worthless pile of rusted old materials and turn them into a thing of beauty. I personally love how this piece came together. It has great texture, depth and attitude. Frolic would be the sister piece of Harmony, with everything moving the same way but transposed. Frolic's butterflies are also quite different, with a more sculptural, solid bodied wing. The background is my favorite...wispy funky textured grass blades forged out of rusty 1/2 " square tube. Frolic is a little bigger than Harmony, but close to 6 lbs. lighter. I decided not to patina this piece for fear of muddling it's aesthetic texture. There are three holes for wall anchoring, with the top right hole being the "crux of the biscuit" ( Frank Zappa ). Salute.

wrought iron wall sculpture
36"tall x 34 1/2"wide x 8 "deep / 13.4 lbs.