• About the Artist

    Phillip A. Sabet, inspired by Victor Bassman ( a prominent Potter/Ceramic Sculptor in St. Louis, MO. ), has been producing works of art in various medias since the age of 14. It was Bassman who molded Sabet's inner voice. " I've allways loved Bassman's work and unique style. I feel grateful to have seen Victor in action. Whether he knew it or not, I was watching him like a hawk. Victor has great hands and a vast understanding of texture and space. Bassman dances with the best of them."

    Sabet obtained a degree in psychology at Columbia College in 1988. During his college years, although not reflective with his degree, he excelled to the graduate coursework level in ceramics. It was here and under the watchful eye of Philip Bussemberger ( a well known sculptor / Potter, who spent most of his free time in India working and studying the art of Zen ) who refined his sense of structure and design.

    After graduating, It wasn't long before Sabet made his way out west to Colorado, residing in several mountain towns, and in the pursuit of more adventurous virtues. His artistic endeavors at this point took a back seat to the ways of the outdoor enthusiast. After five wonderful years of living the carefree mountain lifestyle, the yearning for intellectual stimulation began to beckon. Thus, provoking a move back to the learning institution.

    In 1993, Sabet was back in School at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. While pursuing an MBA, Sabet was introduced to Tim Joseph, a local Bronze Sculptor and Foundry owner. It was at this point where Phil interrupted his business studies and accepted a full apprenticeship with Joseph Studios. Tim Joseph gained his recognition for an exhibit in honor of Paul Manship at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in New York City. Joseph started one of the first foundries in Northern Colorado, and is well known for his body castings and raptor sculptures. " Tim Joseph is a wonderful sculptor. I think his body castings are spectacular and his raptor wings are the best in the business".

    While under the tutelage of Joseph, Sabet learned the lengthy and tedious 16-step process of bronze casting. He gained extensive knowledge in welding, casting and patina. Sabet worked on many bronze sculptures and Monuments of quite reputable, local and international stature. Some of the artists include Tim Joseph, John Deandrea, Kirstin Kokkin, Lee Stark, Robin Laws and Denny Haskew. Perhaps his most important contribution was with an international project led by Joseph himself...The Childrens Peace Sculpture. Children from several continents were involved. Over 3000 small wax sculptures in the form of a plant or animal were cast in bronze and engineered ( in monumental proportions ) into the continents of the earth. A giant globe if you will. The monument was installed in the "Peace Garden" outside of The Albuquerque Museum of Fine Art, attracting international exposure from both Japanese and American Media. This monumental sculpture commemorates the lives lost and altered by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    While at Joseph Studios, Sabet was commissioned to do a glass top iron table. It was then he realized his interest in furniture design and functional art. He branched away from Joseph Studios and pursued his interest in producing provocative iron pieces ranging from fine art blacksmithed sculpture to functional wrought iron furniture and accessories.

    Sabet incorporates flowers, leaves, twigs, and natural elements in his design allowing each piece to breathe, hence the “breathing metal series.” His work ranges from decorative home accessories, like mirrors, candlesticks, jewelry stands, and toilet paper holders to larger items like chandeliers, tables, beds, fireplace mantles, custom and standard railing projects and gates. important customers include Estee Lauder, Mondavi Wine, New Belgium Brewing Co., the former owners of the Colorado Rockies Baseball team, the former COO of Frontier Airlines, the owner of Glenn Homes on the Front Range, and many more.
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