Sabet Wrought Iron & Fine Arts

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Sabet Wrought Iron was conceived in 1997 by artist and owner Phillip A. Sabet. " I specialize in custom crafted functional and fine art". Combining the unique processes of forging and welding, an eloquent balance between form and function is achieved...with each piece possessing unique elements of what one would consider "fine art detail."

As in nature, My "design in progress" mentality leads the metal through its own evolutionary cycle until perfect imperfection is realized. I like to refer to the final product as "Breathing Metal." As an artist, my main objective is to create a truly unique signature in my medium. instiling intrigue and evoking emotion is the end goal...dazzling the eye and tantalizing the touch.

From the furniture, gates and railings... to the chandeliers, candle holders, jewelery stands, mirrors, mantle pieces and fine art sculpture, I guarantee the timeless nature and quality of the work.
Thank you and Enjoy.