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This piece was quite a project!, and has been graceing my presence for quite sometime. It will be a bitter sweet day when this get's sold. As the saying goes...eventually all good things come to an end. It's funny, I agreed to sell it to a friend in Ladue for $1200....I don't recall what happened, but the sale was nullafied. Nonetheless, I was relieved the starving artist didn't compromise the hardwork that went into this piece.
The Dome Chandelier wouldn't be on this planet if I hadn't completely blacked out during an obsessive work frenzy. It's true, I don't remember hide nor hair of that fab job.... I started out with a cigarette, bottle of Bushmills and a single metal ring ..... The rest was history in motion. Lo and Behold.....the stars lined up, singing filled the heavens, water turned to wine and the damned thing was shining brighter than Doc in " The Shining"
This particular project took between 40 and 60 hrs. Every piece of metal on it was run through the forge, shaped accordingly and then welded together. 5 pieces of 1/4" round stock were finialed and wrapped around 1/2" forged tube creating the classic vine effect. Five leafs were cut, forged, textured and welded to it's proper attitude. Body was given to the piece by replicating 12 guage metal forms.... running them through the forge, as to produce an aged effect and establishing convexity using a concave swage. Each form was then carefully arranged and welded together with all pieces equidistant from the next. I repeated this process with larger but identical metal forms, as to create the lower body. Other fogeing was undertaken to produce the flower and symetrical vines hanging from the center. I used a fishing hook and cable to plumb the piece for electrical. Ran all the wires from each light receptical into two metal hemispheres which came together into one enclosed sphere (via random lighting hardware). All the wires were then joined into one mother wire and ground which exited the sphere and up through the chain.This fixture was built to code, possesses gorgeous form and shape, has excellent balance of positve and negative space, will never be repeated.....and is a one of a kind Sabet. If I sell this piece for less than $1800, It will be the day McJagger quits wearing spandex. Actually, I'll probably be buried with this piece long before that happens.
Unless I go on another bender, I don't think i'll be doing another Chandelier like this one. Salude denaro e amore. P.S. blown glass hurricanes would look amazing on this piece ( possibly purple or opaque). Breathing Metal series. Signed and dated


Dome Chandelier / Breathing Metal series
Dome Chandelier / Breathing Metal series
Forged Steel
25"tall x 32" wide, with 2 foot forged chain